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Royal Saudi Naval Forces
Saudi Electric Company
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About Spand

What company is Sband?


No doubt that a long list of construction-related companies exists in Saudi Arabia but those achieved broad success and fame are so few that of which Sband Company is. As a matter of fact, "Sband" is a word of Arabic origin meaning "tiger".


Having the official name "Sband Contractors Company", the company was established in 1995 in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia where its headquarters is located.


The company, since established, distinctively provided high-level innovative work, rapid completion, punctuality and customer satisfaction. With a one-team crew of various qualifications including engineers, technicians and administrators, Sband effectively achieves its goals under the supervision of Mousa AlShamry the company general director.


Conducting several and various projects, Sband's top priority includes construction works, metal constructions, such as producing hangers and portables, all kinds of umbrellas, different types of welding, drilling, road construction and infrastructure.


Consequently, Sband has deep commercial ties with famous and high-level local and international companies, such as Saudi Aramco, Sabic, SCECO and others. Sband Contractors Company is proud of its advanced production, accuracy and  product variety aiming at meeting the needs of our customers in both public and private sectors according to high-quality international standards.



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