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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Sband technology provides this website and permits its use according to the following conditions:

1 - Your use of this site is your acceptance of these conditions, if you do not fully accept your entry to this site is unauthorized and you must stop use immediately.

2 - Sband reserves the right to modify the technology of these conditions at any time.

3 - You agree to use this site only for lawful purposes, and that you will refrain from sending or broadcast any material from this site that would violate or infringe upon the rights of others or to prevent or limit the use of this site, or that the project is not or to threaten or abuse or libel, or infringe upon the privacy of others, or for the copyright to others, or obscene words, or do harm to the religions and holy places, or violate the sanctity, or for any other reason unacceptable, or that would encourage or the commission of a crime involving the violation of their civil liability, or where the violation of any law.

4 - You may not copy the material in this site, or re-produced or published in any way except for your personal non-commercial.

5 - You may not amend the article in this site or the alteration or borrowed to create a new work or use for any purpose other than your personal non-commercial.

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7 - You shall explicitly accept to use this site at your own risk, and bear all the risks involved and agree that the Sband technology or any of its board members or employees or agents or persons who provide the material in this site, or for people who Er_khason technology use or any of them do not make any guarantees that the service at this site will be uninterrupted or error free, or that any defects which may exist will be corrected, or that the site or provide a means of delivery Hallian virus or pest programs.

8 - Retain the site were made by the people involved in the technological equipment of its membership and operation of databases and systems for the protection of a highly efficient, and you agree that the site retains the personal details and use by the divisions concerned, and you agree not to give this data for any institutions or commercial companies or non-commercial only after express consent from you. You agree that the site is not responsible for the leakage of part or all of the common data member because of the burglary and vandalism carried out by the attackers and intruders on the Internet. And that the site or any of its officials are not responsible for damage or loss of this data for any reason, and you agree to be included in the site without any charge, and you agree on the right of the site to stop the privileges provided to the participants in the free membership at any time and without prior notice .

9 - do not bear the Sband technology, or any person involved in the preparation, production or distribution of any material in this site no responsibility for any damage directly or indirectly, material or moral, arising from the use of this site or inability to use or from any error or omission or where the defect or non-validity of the information provided by or from any delay or interruption in the broadcast.

10 - You agree to compensate the Sband channel and technology managers, employees and agents for any loss incurred by any of them because of your use of this site.

11 - All the rights in this site, including the copyright and ownership rights of information and the contents of the site owned by thousands of people have the technology or license the technology used or in accordance with the law.
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