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Latest Projects
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Our Clients
Saudi Aircon
Royal Saudi Naval Forces
Saudi Electric Company
Aramco Saudi Arabia

The Manager word

Excellence and credibility are the basis of our work since Sband's inception. As our dear homeland, Saudi Arabia, experiencing a comprehensive renaissance in all fields of life, Sband has the honor to efficiently contribute in these blessed efforts to build our country. The idea of creating Sband Contactors Company emerged to effectively contribute in the success and progress of the Kingdom and to be a sample of success in the region.


Sband was established in 1995 with a modern vision and mission on the basis of excellence and credibility. The Company, as a result of its good reputation, conducts many contracts with the local and international companies such as Aramco, Sabic, Saudi Electricity Company and others.


As a leading company in the field of construction industry, it carries out projects like metal construction, umbrellas, metal welding and drilling, road maintenance, water system construction, sanitation and others.


We actually use state-of-the-art equipment as our vast experience and the deliberately studied findings led us to do so. A lot of consideration is paid to security and safety because some certain works are done sensitively and dangerously.


The Company seeks to achieve its goals through vision and mission depending on administrative and technical staff and consultants like specialized engineers and

well-trained employees.


The Manager,

Mousa Abdulaziz AlShamry

Member of the contractors, Chamber of commerce indusry Ahsa

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