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Aramco depends on Sband
Aramco depends on Sband
Date: 2010/02/03 03:17:01 PM

Given the fact Aramco's high standards and global reputation, this giant company directly and without mediator depends on Sband and trust its works. " Being granted this Aramco accreditation, Sband carries out various Aramco's projects without the presence of any mediator" , mentioned Mousa AlShamry , the general director of Sband. "The Company submitted a comprehensive profile to the Contract Management of Aramco. Then we were given the approval after a deliberate study and deep review", added AlShamry. "This is an added value to Sband's record. It is definitely a certificate of trust we are proud of to be granted such an accreditation from such a company. That will open the doors to future prospects. Our customers' satisfaction is our target" , concluded AlShamry .

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